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  • The ministry of finance released the fourth batch of the list of subsidies for waste electrical and electronic products processing fund. Together with the previously published three batch, at present a total of 107 included in the fund subsidies, Beijing has three: huaxin luyuan environmental protection industry development co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "huaxin environmental protection"), wei xiang joint environmental protection technology development (Beijing) co., LTD. And the hazardous waste disposal center in Beijing, including a banana peel is a recycling huaxin environmental protection website. Although the home appliance recycling industry in our country the size of the regular forces to expand again, but the recovery industry the embarrassment of still not lift: r...
  • The state administration for industry and commerce on September 4, announced that from now until the end of 2015, will be on a national scale of household electronic appliances, clothing shoes and hats, decoration materials, transportation and related services in key areas such as consumer rights protection work.In recent years, complaints about household electronics have been the top consumer complaints. The ministry of commerce and industry in home appliances, communications equipment, computers and other goods as the focus, focus on product quality is uneven, after-sales service guarantee, the quality problems such as maintenance services, in accordance with the law, illegal true, shoddy, false labeling act. Clothing shoes and hats are popular everyday consumer goods, which leads to the...
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The most professional brand service, for you to create higher value.
Model: JPS-10AMaterial: Stainless Steel SUS304 Ultrasonic Power: 60W Frequncy: 40kHz Power Supply: AC 110V~120V 60Hz or 220V~240V 50Hz Tank Capacity: ~2.0L(0.53 Gal)Usable Capacity: ~1.6L(0.43 Gal)(Full tank of water, please note, before order) Time Setting: 0~30min Heating Power: 100W Heating Temperature: Normal~80 degree Tank Size: ~150*135*100mm(5.9"*5.3"*3.9")Unit Size: ~175*165*205mm(6.9"*6.5"*8.1")N.W.: ~2.4KG / G.W.: ~2.7KG Package Includes: 1 x Ultrasonic Cleaner 1 x Cleaning Lid...
Model: JPS-08AMaterial: Stainless Steel SUS304Ultrasonic Power: 60WFrequncy: 40kHzPower Supply: AC 110V~120V 60Hz or 220V~240V 50HzTank Capacity: ~1.3L(0.34 Gal)Usable Capacity: ~1.0L(0.26 Gal)(Full tank of water, please note, before order)Time Setting: 0~30minHeating Power: 50WHeating Temperature: Normal~80 degreeTank Size: ~150*135*65mm(5.9"*5.3"*2.5")Unit Size: ~175*160*175mm(6.9"*6.3*6.9")N.W.: ~2.0KG / G.W.: ~2.6KG Package Includes:1 x Ultrasonic Cleaner1 x Cleaning Lid1 x Cleaning Basket1 x Power Cord(US/EU/UK/AU are available)1 x English...
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