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JIETAI Digital Ultrasonic Bath 1.3L 60W 40kHz Ultrasonic Cleaner

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Model: JPS-08A
Material: Stainless Steel SUS304
Ultrasonic Power: 60W
Frequncy: 40kHz
Power Supply: AC 110V~120V 60Hz or 220V~240V 50Hz
Tank Capacity: ~1.3L(0.34 Gal)
Usable Capacity: ~1.0L(0.26 Gal)(Full tank of water, please note, before order)
Time Setting: 0~30min
Heating Power: 50W
Heating Temperature: Normal~80 degree
Tank Size: ~150*135*65mm(5.9"*5.3"*2.5")
Unit Size: ~175*160*175mm(6.9"*6.3*6.9")
N.W.: ~2.0KG / G.W.: ~2.6KG


Package Includes:
1 x Ultrasonic Cleaner
1 x Cleaning Lid
1 x Cleaning Basket
1 x Power Cord(US/EU/UK/AU are available)
1 x English Instruction Manual

Model: JPS-10AMaterial: Stainless Steel SUS304 Ultrasonic Power: 60W Frequncy: 40kHz Power Supply: AC 110V~120V 60Hz or 220V~240V 50Hz Tank Capacity: ~2.0L(0.53 Gal)Usable Capacity: ~1.6L(0.43 Gal)(Full tank of water, please note, before order) Time Setting: 0~30min Heating Power: 100W Heating Temperature: Normal~80 degree Tank Size: ~150*135*100mm(5.9"*5.3"*3.9")Unit Size: ~175*165*205mm(6.9"*6.5"*8.1")N.W.: ~2.4KG / G.W.: ~2.7KG Package Includes: 1 x Ultrasonic Cleaner 1 x Cleaning Lid...
Model: JPS-08AMaterial: Stainless Steel SUS304Ultrasonic Power: 60WFrequncy: 40kHzPower Supply: AC 110V~120V 60Hz or 220V~240V 50HzTank Capacity: ~1.3L(0.34 Gal)Usable Capacity: ~1.0L(0.26 Gal)(Full tank of water, please note, before order)Time Setting: 0~30minHeating Power: 50WHeating Temperature: Normal~80 degreeTank Size: ~150*135*65mm(5.9"*5.3"*2.5")Unit Size: ~175*160*175mm(6.9"*6.3*6.9")N.W.: ~2.0KG / G.W.: ~2.6KG Package Includes:1 x Ultrasonic Cleaner1 x Cleaning Lid1 x Cleaning Basket1 x Power Cord(US/EU/UK/AU are available)1 x English...
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